Writing Services

2 Reasons You Need a Writer

1. While earning their pHDs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google as part of their pHD. In doing so, they created something magical—website value. Ranking suddenly made sense in way that no one else had imagined. The days when anyone could stuff a page full keywords and expect that page to rank for topics it did not include were numbered. It wasn’t perfect, and it still is not, but at least you had a reasonable expectation that the content Google displayed in its search results made sense for the search entered.

It didn’t take long before the scammers and keyword stuffers found ways to play the new system to their advantage. Along came a Panda algorithm update that sent most of the low quality content to the bottom where it belonged. As an unfortunate consequence, some legitimate websites suffered and had to adjust or get lost in the new world of ranking.

2. In the third week of April 2023, the world wide web had over 30 billion web pages indexed. That’s approximately 4 pages for every man, woman, and child on earth. Somehow, your business must break through all the noise and stand out. Anyone looking for what you offer should see a beacon shining brightly in the night and follow it to your doorstep.

These reasons and more are why you need me—to pull your website up where it belongs and keep it there, shining brightly for all to see.

SEO Scams and Shams

Don’t get scammed. No one can promise page  1 of Google, (not even Google!)

Every day, email arrives with promises to put my website on the first page of Google. They analyzed my website and with a little push (and more than a few dollars) my websites could soar to the number one position within weeks, or even days.

I won’t promise that you will achieve a specific ranking. I do promise to implement best practices that get results. Working together, we can build your authority and rank legitimately. Over time, Google and the other search engines will rank your site as one worth showing to their users.

Words Mean Things. Write the Right Words.


From your Grand Opening to a New Product Release, it’s all about showcasing your company in the best light possible while getting noticed by Google and other search engines that lead the world to your door. Promotional content gets you noticed and like everything else on the web, it never goes away.


One thing hasn’t changed in the last 20 years—content is king. Good content gets noticed by search engines and their users. They want to see your FAQs, articles, letters, opinions, or land on a page that leads them to the right product or service and gives them a reason to stay and look around.

SEO Websites Work

You needed a website and your brother’s niece’s friend offered to help. After a lot of time and effort, you weren’t entirely pleased with the look or the result. It’s missing features, doesn’t get much traffic, and that free website platform sometimes shows your competitors ads on YOUR website.


Blogs and Blog Posts have the potential to pull in thousands of visits from potential customers. By ranking well for a specific topic, users looking for answers find your blog post and visit. Once there, the answer they sought may lead them to more content or return for your products or services.

Social Media

The world is hooked on social media. People love to share and react to the latest posts and trends. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and the latest craze, Tik Tok. Who has time for all that? Too often, it’s assigned to someone without enough time or the knowledge to manage it effectively.

Online Publishing

Not a blog or blogging. Here we have in-depth content that covers a range of topics directly or indirectly related to your business, written from an expert’s point of view. Blogs tend toward informality. In-depth content takes the opposite direction with an authoritative voice.


Search Engine Optimization helps search engines like Google understant a website or specific page while giving site visitors (customers and future customers) a good experience that brings them back again and again. SEO begins by putting all the pieces in place that show Search Engines what your page or website is all about.

General Writing Services

Language is the tool that allows everyone to understand what is written. That’s why writers employ writing services like proofing, editing, and formatting to make it happen. We can collaborate on a special project, like turning your idea for an ebook or printed book into a reality that suceeds. 

Marketing & Sales

Whether you have products, services, or both, you must reach out and grab your audience with easy to read content that leads potential clients to act on the call to action. It’s not always easy, but it’s usually hard work that gets their attention.